The Dogue De Bordeaux

Dogue De Bordeaux

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General Appearance: The Dogue De Bordeax's massive head is his trademark feature. They have broad, powerful jaws and droopy jowls. The Bordeax is solid of body and very muscular making them a strong athlete. Their coat is short and easy to maintain with occasional brushing.

Size, Proportion, and Substance: Height: 23 - 27 inches, Weight: 80 - 100 Pounds.

Background: A true Jack-of-all-Trades, the Dogue De Bordeax was originally created to protect flocks of sheep from wolves and bears but has also been trained for herding cattle, hunting, bullfighting and guarding both people and property. In addition the Bordeax has proven to be a loyal and loving family companion. They are sweet tempered with their masters and very gentle with children. They can be aggressive towards other dogs so it may be best to keep them as an only dog.

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