The Welsh Corgi, Pembroke

Welsh Corgi, Pembroke

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General Appearance: Low-set, sturdy, and active. Bold, but kindly; intelligent and interested. Thick, glossy double coat, with the softer layer underneath. It sheds year round. Brush about every other day.

Size, Proportion, and Substance: Height-10 to 12 inches at withers. Weight-males, 30 lbs or less; females, 28 lbs or less.

Background: Corgis are curious, and happily approach people and animals, even if he's never met them before. He makes friends easily. Corgis like playing games, traveling, and even obedience and/or agility training. These activities are a good outlet for his herding instinct, as the Corgi likes to feel that he has a job to do. Corgis are energetic, and enjoy playing with children. These sturdy little dogs make great pets for an active family or individual, but have a tendency to become overweight if not exercised enough.

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