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Need To Know

Spay and Neuter Certificates


Contact Friends of Animals (FoA) Today

For low-cost spay and neuter information,
visit or
call (800) 321-PETS

Purchase an FoA spay/neuter certificate and receive a list of participating veterinarians.
Use the certificate as payment at many local veterinary clinics and animal hospitals.

Female dog/puppy: $90.00
Male dog/puppy: $64.00
Female cat/kitten: $65.00
Male cat/kitten: $51.00

The recommended age for spaying/neutering is 6 months of age.
Female animals should be spayed before their estrus cycle begins; they do not need to have a litter prior to the procedure.

Where Did My Puppy Come From?


Shake A Paw buys our puppies from USDA inspected and approved kennels only!!! No puppy mills or substandard kennels here! Every puppy arrives at Shake A Paw with a health certificate from the breeder or kennel's veterinarian, and is then evaluated for temperament, general conformation to the Breed Standard and overall health. Every puppy is literally hand picked by the store owner and staff, and very often your new puppy is "Pick of the Litter". Only after an additional examination by our store veterinarian to assure you of a healthy puppy is your puppy ready to go home. Another reason why Shake A Paw is Your Best Choice for a Healthy, Happy Puppy!


Allergies? We have a Puppy for You!

In today's world, many adults and children suffer from allergies. Shake A Paw specializes in Hypo-Allergenic breeds, and our trained staff can find the perfect puppy for allergy sufferers. Although these dogs need to be groomed, they do not shed, and do not produce the dog dander which irritates so many people. Ask one of our Puppy Specialists which one would be best for you and your family.