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The New Designer Breeds

Goldendoodles, Labradoodles, Schnoodles and Puggles are just some of the newest Designer Breeds available at Shake A Paw. Many people prefer these breeds due to their great personalities and minimal shedding characteristics. They make excellent companions and are often not subject to many of the health concerns associates with purebred dogs. Some of the common designer breeds that we carry are:
GoldenDoodle: Golden Retriever/Standard Poodle
Labradoodle: Labrador Retriever/Standard Poodle
Schnoodle: Miniature Schnauzer/Miniature Poodle
Cockapoo: Cocker Spaniel/Miniature Poodle
Puggle: Pug/Beagle
Boggle: Boston Terrier/ Beagle
Maltipoo: Maltese/Toy Poodle
Yorkipoo: Yorkshire Terrier/Toy Poodle
Bug: Boston Terrier/Pug
Bichonpoo: Bichon Frise/Miniature Poodle
PomiPoo: Pomeranian/ Toy Poodle
Shorkie: Shih Tzu/Yorkshire Terrier
Porkie: Pomeranian/Yorkshire Terrier
Shihpoo: Shih Tzu/Miniature Poodle
Lhasapoo: Lhasa Apso/Miniature Poodle
Pekeapoo: Pekingese/Miniature Poodle
Cavachon: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel/Bichon Frise
So if you are looking for a Cockapoo, Maltipoo, a Bichonpoo or even a Boggle, Shake A Paw is your best choice for today's Designer Breeds.